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PTT International Trading (PTTT) engages in the procurement, importation, exportation and international trading of crude oil, petroleum products, LPG & LNG, petrochemical products as well as other specialty substances. PTTT also participates in international trading that supports the business activities of PTT Plc. and PTT affiliates in such a way as to enhance their competitive edge and profitability, and to increase the trading value-added for PTT Group.

Prudent risk management mechanism has been applied by PTTT to deal with the volatility of product prices and market uncertainties.  A dedicated risk management team gathers information, analyzing the global oil market situation, trends, and risks involved technical elements, fundamental factors and market sentiment, to provide the best possible risk management recommendations to the PTT Group.

In addition, the Chartering Department provides international shipping services for the company's various trading businesses for both within PTTT and across PTT Group.


Moreover, PTTT ensures a baseline standard of protection for personal data. Please refer to Personal Data Protection Policy for further information.

Crude Oil

Petroleum Products, LPG & LNG


Chartering Service

Price Risk Management