The main function of International Chartering Department is to provide competitive chartering service for all of our clients including internal trading departments, PTT business units, PTT affiliates, and Third party companies. Chartering team handles all types of vessels available: Crude, Product, Petchem & Gas, Drybulk and LNG. Our team location is based on PTT main offices across the globe: Bangkok, Singapore, London, and Houston.



Vessel Chartering

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1) Dirty Petroleum Products

Our DPP Chartering desk covers Dirty Petroleum Products (DPP) which includes Crude and Condensate. Our team has expertise for DPP chartering worldwide which ranges from Crude and Condensate in Domestic & regional areas, West Coast Africa, Arabian Gulf, and Latin America & US.

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2) Clean Petroleum Products

Our CPP Chartering desk covers all Clean Petroleum Products (CPP) across the globe such as Mogas, Gasoil, Jet A-1, Fuel Oil. Additionally, we also handle chartering for other Petroleum Products such as LPG and LNG up to VLGC size.

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3) Petrochemicals and Gas

Our PET&GAS Chartering desk handles all the Petrochemical cargoes including Aromatics, Solvent & Feedstock such as Paraxylene, Benzene, and Cyclohexane. For Gas, we handle all chartering for Olefins products such as Propylene, Butene-1, and Raffinate-1.

  • 1. Dirty Petroleum Products (DPP) for Crude and Condensate
  • 2. Clean Petroleum Products (CPP) for Mogas, Gasoil, Jet A-1, Fuel Oil and other Petroleum Products / LPG/ LNG
  • 3. Petrochemicals and Chemical Gas (PET&GAS) for Aromatics, Olefin Gas and other Petrochemicals Products

Domestic Truck Chartering

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4) Domestic Crude & Condensate

Our truck chartering service covers all the domestic crude and condensate in Thailand. Currently we cover truck chartering for Phet Crude, Sri Phuhom Condensate, and Phet Crude into the refineries in Bangkok and Rayong, Thailand.

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5) Domestic Petrochemicals

For Petrochemical truck chartering, it is mainly for Methanol cargo for domestic requirement. Currently loading from Samut Prakan to the refineries across Thailand

  • 1. Domestic Crude and Condensate
  • 2. Liquid Chemicals

Demurrage & Claims

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6) Demurrage & Claims

Our Demurrage and Claim desk are the team of experienced professional claim analysts who provide full post-fixture claim services from analysis to settlement. We support our company trading activities around the world not only TBU but also our affiliates.


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Our footprint are around the world as our water territories continue growing while we ensure our customers’ competitive freight rate and safety.



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Safety is always one of our top priorities for vessel chartering. For the safety of all our cargoes on board, all of our vessels have to pass through all requirements of PTT Ship Vetting which includes valid SIRE report, all valid certificates, crew matrix requirements, and no bad record for port state control.


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